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The Sondra B. Dailey Sponsor-A-Child Fund

It costs only $300 to sponsor one child for an entire school year. For $25 per month, you can shine the spotlight on one very deserving child, enabling him or her to participate in 30 life-changing weeks of Kids Excel classes and at least two exciting performance opportunities. Sponsor-A-Child donations are tax-deductible and can be made in honor/memory of an individual or family. We’ll be sure to send an acknowledgement of your thoughtful gift to the recipient.



These are life lessons that make a difference. They shape the future. They lay the foundation for success and enable children to realize their dreams. And they are what we, at Kids Excel El Paso, are all about.


Please make your donation online by clicking the button or by mailing your donation to:

Kids Excel El Paso  |  P.O. Box 920144  |  El Paso, Texas 79902



Each and every day a star is born right here in El Paso. Under the Kids Excel spotlight in gyms and cafeterias all over town, confidence grows, self-esteem improves, and excellence becomes the standard. Through the magic of music and dance, young lives are forever changed. Each week, nearly 2,000 children learn how to work hard, strive for their personal best, and never give up. For the majority of these children, it is their only opportunity to participate in extracurricular arts activities.

Our year-end gala performance at El Paso’s historic Plaza Theatre brings the community together as 250-300 children from 21 schools in El Paso County take the stage to perform for their peers, teachers, families, friends, and community leaders.

As we plan for this year’s show, we look to forward-thinking community leaders and business owners to help build our program and support our dancers as they make their big debut!

If you or your business would like to be a part of this magic, please contact Erik Baray at  or call (915) 351-6999 Ext. 104 for more information. We look forward to partnering with – and performing for – you!

“That day I felt like if I was a special student in the Plaza. Everyone cheered. I thought they were all cheering for me, so I felt like the most special person. Kids Excel helped me have confidence and be a star.” 

Obed, Hart Elementary, Kids Excel Alumnus



Please make your donation online by clicking the button or by mailing your donation to:

Kids Excel El Paso  |  P.O. Box 920144  |  El Paso, Texas 79902

Show Time Spotlight

This time, the children are not the only ones in the spotlight!

Investing in your community is never a bad idea. Especially when people can see your passion for giving back and your corporate image gets the positive boost it deserves.

Each school year, every child in our program takes part in at least two performances for audiences - filled with parents, teachers, student peers, and community leaders and partners.

If you would like to sponsor these magical performances at one of our many partner schools, please contact Erik Baray at  or (915) 351-6999 Ext. 104.


Over the course of the 2023-2024 school year, Kids Excel dancers will entertain more than 18,000 audience members across El Paso County.

We Call that a Win / Win!


Just as we create an opportunity for children to stand in the spotlight, we hope to provide a way for local partners to share in this unique and amazing moment. This is a chance to put your business center stage and let your customers know that you give back and support the children of El Paso.


Bringing the work of the National Dance Institute to the children of El Paso County

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