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The Super Wonderful Advanced Team (S.W.A.T.) is comprised of a handful of highly motivated children from our participating schools who show a high level of motivation, an aptitude for kinetic learning, and who respond exceptionally well to our instruction.

Celebration Team

The Kids Excel Celebration team is a group of our most accomplished dancers who wish to commit extra-curricular time to learn more advanced dance techniques and develop their proficiency levels. The team consists of Alumni Kids Excel dancers that are in 5th through 8th grade.

Tiny Tots

provides unique arts instruction for Kindergarten students in participating partner schools. Weekly classes teach students how to listen, express themselves creatively, think critically, and follow directions. Each 30-minute class is led by a Teaching Artist and Musician.

Kid's Excel

The Magic of Music and Dance

KEEP’s Arts Education Outreach Program is conducted on the campus of its 32 partner schools. Because in-school classes are held for the entire fourth grade level as part of the school day, children who might not have the resources to participate in extra-curricular arts activities have the opportunity to expand their horizons and experience quality dance and music education.

KEEP provides students with the opportunity to build their self-esteem and improve their academic ability by engaging in a physically and mentally demanding dance program that challenges them to be their best.  The program supports academic achievement with cross-curricular activities that translate into increased self-confidence in the classroom and the discipline to achieve difficult goals.

KEEP measures the success and impact of its programming through fidelity to the National Dance Institute’s (NDI) curriculum model and standards.  Using the award-winning NDI Teaching techniques created by former New York City principal dancer Jacques d’Amboise, KEEP transforms thousands of lives in cafeterias and gymnasiums across El Paso with the magic of music and dance.

Here’s how it works

-Aligned with scholastic goals of its partner schools, KEEP develops a curriculum theme that compliments learning in the classroom

-KEEP offers full-year programs with classes that are conducted weekly and consist of 20-40 dancers each class.  We also offer 15-week courses that are fashioned after the first-semester of the full-year program

-A Teaching Artist, Teaching Assistant, and a Musician who have been extensively trained in the NDI methodology teach each class

-After 15 weeks of programming, school-wide interactive assemblies are held at each school

-At the end of the of year of 30 week program, each campus will hold a themed show with each class showcasing their very own performance

KEEP also hosts a performance at El Paso’s historic Plaza Theatre.  The show features 250-350 of the 4th grade students from selected partner schools and 20 Tiny Tots.  Dancers will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time rehearsing and performing on The Plaza Theatre’s majestic stage in front of an estimated 6,000-member audience.  KEEP will provide another 4,000 students from its participating schools with the opportunity to come to the theatre to share in the joyful experience of seeing their peers perform on The Plaza Theatre main stage.

Our Awesome Partner Schools
Kids Excel What They Say


Such great memories! One amazing show! And hopefully more to come!! I cannot thank you enough!

I like dancing because I like to feel the spotlight on my face and then I dance my heart out. I would like to thank you again for making my dreams come true.

I really hope you were there to watch us – we were on fire! We owe you one because Kids Excel is out of this world awesomeness!

In the beginning of Kids Excel I felt insecure about how I danced, but now if I dance I am confident about myself. The icing on the cake was when we went to the Plaza Theatre. When I stood on stage I felt like my heart was going to fall out.

Hazel Neito, Kids Excel Mom

Mackenzie, Age 10

Janett, Age 10

Camilla, Age 10

Our Schools

Committed to providing quality arts education to low-income children in public schools in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in El Paso.

Banner Project

Local artists assist children in designing and painting a 5'x10' banner depicting their school's culture and experience with Kids Excel.

After School Program

KEEP's energetic and dynamic curriculum teaches children the fundamental values of determination, discipline, and excellence through the power of movement.

Current Campuses

Please visit the Boys and Girls Club page for more information about their program  https://bgcelpaso.org

Providing quality arts education

Currently, the children in our partner schools average 90% Minority, 75% Economically Disadvantaged, 67% At-Risk, and 44% Limited English Proficient. With limited budgets for arts education, schools appreciate that KEEP outreach classes address 4th grade Fine Arts objectives and support various academic areas. All Kids Excel programs are free of charge to children and their families.

Affiliated Schools


Students Participate

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Specialized Learning

KEEP strives to include every child in our program. Our condensed introductory program for schools in outlying communities in El Paso County culminate performance assembly for the whole school and parents. KEEP continues to cultivate its relationship with Jennifer Richardson of ``Let your Hands be Heard`` to provide sign language workshops for KEEP's Teaching artist and Musicians. The workshops consist of training in American Sign Language, non-verbal communication, and team building. The skill set is then taken into the KEEP classroom to reach students who are deaf or hard of hearing and empower all students with comunnication access. For more information, contact Jennifer Richardson at jdahlgre@epcc.edu.

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