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About Kids Excel

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About Us Teaching Excellence Through The Arts

What we do

We believe in the power of movement, expression, and creativity, we create a professional, fun, and progressive learning environment.

Develop Discipline

To succeed, your little one will have to listen to the teacher, share space with others, and learn to take turns.


Dancing can help children improve their social and communication skills, learn how to work as part of a team.


As children adjust to the movements and postures required in dance, they begin to get a better sense of their bodies.

Our Mission

Recognizing that the arts have a unique power to engage and motivate children, the mission of Kids Excel El Paso (KEEP) is to help children develop discipline, a standard of excellence, and self-confidence that will positively impact their education and all aspects of their lives - one dance step at a time.


Affiliated Schools


Students Participate

2004 Kids Excel

Our Story

Kids Excel El Paso (KEEP) was founded in October 2004 and began as a pilot program with 280 children in three South El Paso schools. KEEP has grown annually to meet the demand for its dynamic arts education outreach. Since inception, KEEP has served over 14,790 children, 897 classroom teachers, and over 189,200 audience members.
KEEP Our Difference

KEEP’s program expansion

For the 2019-2020 school year, KEEP has maintained its curriculum in 32 schools, and 3 after schools in EPISD, thereby serving a total of 35 schools, 2,600 students, 140 classroom teachers, and 28,000 audience members. KEEP maintains a waiting list of schools whose principals have requested this vital arts education programming which imparts children with essential skills to succeed in the classroom and throughout their lives.
2019-2020 Partner Schools
El Paso Independent School District
-Zach White
-Zavala Canutillo Independent School District
-Reyes Ysleta Independent School District
-Del Valle
-Eastwood Heights
-Thomas Manor Charter Schools
-La Fe Preparatory School
El Paso Quality arts education

Partner School's

Kids Excel El Paso (KEEP) is committed to providing quality arts education to low-income children in public schools in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in El Paso. Currently, the children in our partner schools average 90% Minority, 78% Economically Disadvantaged, 67% At-Risk, and 44% Limited English Proficient. With limited budgets for arts education, schools appreciate that KEEP outreach classes address 4th grade Fine Arts objectives and support various academic areas. All Kids Excel programs are free of charge to children and their families.
Kids Excel Our People

The Staff

Courtney Elam - Executive/Artistic Director Barbara Bustamante - Associate Director
David Sierra - Business Manager
Karla Rangel - Graphic Designer
Ismar Melchor - Music Director
Hector Rodriguez - Associate Music Director
process The Benefits of Dance

How It Works?

The best thing in dance is that everybody gets in love with dancing very easily. There, everybody loves music & dance and it makes a good character and it makes you a disciplined person and makes your life a good place to live in.

Providing quality arts education

With limited budgets for arts education, schools appreciate that KEEP outreach classes address 4th grade Fine Arts objectives and support various academic area.

Always do their personal best!

Students will use their knowledge of dance concepts and choreographic devices to collaboratively create an original group dance.

Socialization Benefits, Never Give Up

Children will explore emotions through creative dance, dramatic play, visual arts, and music, learning to work as a team.

The Event of the Year

Each year, Kids Excel selects several Partner Schools to participate in our end-of-year gala performance at the historic Plaza Theatre!